I am Luke Hall.

I am a multi-talented front-end website designer.

I don’t just make websites, though. I make long-term solutions.

It is of my belief that it doesn’t take much to communicate a clear idea and to get people interested in your message. So, let’s start a conversation.

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Combine these services together, and you get greater effectiveness and functionality at a better price.

Website Design

Do you have an application, product, idea, or persona that needs an online presence? Let's make sure that it's unique and speaks to the character of the message. Your website should be a translation of your respect for the progression technology and the new opportunities that it will yield. It should be easy to find, easy to manage, easy to read, easy to use and look great on any platform. Essentially, owning and running a website should be easy and I'm here to make that a reality.

Graphic Design

Are there ideas that you want to express visually but don't quite have the skills or know-how to accomplish? I can help you. Whether it's album artwork, an informational pamphlet, a link-embedded PDF, or a resume, we can accomplish your vision.


Do you have an identity that you want to express? I want to see that identity realized. I want to see that identity grow and prosper. We will talk about what makes your identity unique and why it's important. Your identities branding should be something that will last decades, not just what is trendy or hip right now.

Direct Marketing

Do you have a weekly newsletter idea that is going to drive people to your site? I want to take your message directly to the people. Let's setup an email marketing form and start collecting emails of people interested in subscribing. I can coach you in how to use the service, or manage the service for you. Either way, you will have a direct voice to the fans and consumers.

Social Media

Is your social media ability lacking? I offer coaching on how to bring your social media to the next level. With so many voices online, your message needs to be unique in order to be heard. I can do a market analysis and see what the best way to approach social media would be and even manage your profiles.


If you need photos for your event, or website, or social media I would be more than happy to help. Photography is one of my passions that I hold both professionally and personally.

Brands We Believe In

So what do you say?

Contact me via email or reach out to my social media. Let's make something happen.